Our Planet Week

Challenge : The first week of February 2020, 9 great artists launched an Instagram challenge about the planet, the environment, the future. They proposed to create one illustration per day, during five days, with five prompts. The goal was to start an Illustration Movement by creating pieces which call attention to care more and help Our Planet to get through this rough period of pollution, fires, unawareness, government indifference and so many more current environmental issues. And because our planet, its landscapes, its fauna, its flora are obviously my main source of inspiration, I decided to join them.


Prompts : Fauna & Flora, Unite, Harmony, Mother Earth, and Future


Media : Instagram posts

Day 1 – Fauna & Flora 


I choose for this first prompt to illustrate the fauna and flora of the bayous in Louisiana, US. I always wanted to visit it, to explore it.

Day 2 – Unite 


I’m kinda fascinating by the unity you can see in a animals group’s. I chose elephants, for their simplicity, their family spirit witch is so strong, so powerful.

Day 3 – Harmony 


Another place I wish I could visit one day : Tibet mountains, and its prayers flags. I think it’s quite harmonious, zen, calm, with the colors, the wide space, the mountains lines on the horizon. I could easily meditate here, just watch the lines, just breath.

Day 4 – Mother Earth


Our planet is truly amazing. During my search I found some incredible places, and this one really impressed me. The Rainbow Mountain in Peru. The colors are coming from the ground, the rocks, the minerals which are been exposed by erosion. It feels unreal. Mother Earth is full of surprises!

Day 5 – Future


Imagining tomorrow like a new sunrise. The lights on the Mount Fuji look amazing, so I decided to explore it for this last prompt.